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Jonas Deichmann – Das Limit bin nur ich (The Limit is Just Me)


Germany 2022
Opening May 19, 2022

Directed by: Markus Weinberg, Steffi Rostoski
Writing credits: Markus Weinberg
Principal actors: Documentary


Jonas Deichmann Das Limit bin nur ichJonas Deichmann is a living superhero. Not only has he written a bestseller with the same title as the movie he produced, but he is now on a European film tour who wants to meet you. His tour takes him to Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, and Cologne along with other venues. So, book your tickets since those dates are coming up in May. The film will also have a wider release in cinemas across the country beginning May 19.

If he isn’t Superman, then he definitely is Forest Gump coming to life. He has accomplished an amazing number of records such as 120 Ironman Triathlons around the world. I have known people to do Ironman Triathlons but never that many. He has cycled 18,000 kilometers from Norway’s North Cape to South Africa’s Cape Town, a feat that just seems unbelievable. At 35, Jonas has seen the world over and he has done it with a goal in mind which is to travel with a minimal CO2 carbon footprint. His achievements make us all see what we, too, can accomplish if we put our minds to it. ()

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