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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Film Festivals 2011

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Prize Winners
Red Dog Makes Tracks to the Berlinale
Nobody Outside of NYC wants to see this film
Play Hide and Seek
Retrospective of Legendary Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman
The Bergman Universe - Panel Discussion
Some comments of prominent film directors on Ingmar Bergman
Behind-the-Scenes Films
Who's Pina Bausch?
By Women about Women
What's in a Prize?
Tickets please
The Turin Horse
The Guard
The Empty Chair
The Awards Ceremony
Tea and Talk Time
Room for Complaints
Press Conference
Our Nuclear Path
No Competition
Iran's modern Dilemma
Interview with Oliver Bradley
Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin
Food and Film: Culinary Cinema
Filmförderung: Invitation to Brunch
Everyone's Berlinale
Dom (The House)
Crimson Gold
Bernd Eichinger
Armin Mueller-Stahl
True Grit
Almanya, Willkommen in Deutschland
Albanian Blood Never Forgives
A Mouth Full of Marbles
Stopped on Track
Critics Beg to Differ
Decisions – Decisions
Detroit Wild City
Documentaries Uncovered
Ecumenopolis: City Without Limits
Expressions International
Film we love to hate
Film: Still on Top of the Value Chain
Gimme me Some Money
Here Without Me
Hollywood Glamour in Hamburg
Hot Hot Hot
How is death influencing life?
How many Stars?
In the News
Is Print on Paper Passé?
Julia & Moe - The Festival Blog
New York, New York Times
Outdoor Filmfest?
Paris Paradise
Sound It Out
Spirit Cinema is Serious Business
Teaching Children
Thank you Filmfest Organiser
The Invader
The Michel Children’s Filmfest
The Music Never Stopped
This Is Not a Film
UFO in Her Eyes
Vom Kiez zum Kap
Wishing for a Babel Fish
Simon and the Oaks
Take Shelter
King of Devil’s Island
Monsieur Lazhar
Awards / Prizes
Book Reading
Bistros and more
Bingo – You got to be lucky
Beautiful Bovines
18 Days (Tamantashar Yom)
Filmfest Hamburg

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