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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Film Festivals 2012

Prize Winners
Meryl Lifetime Achievement
My Berlinale can be Yours, Too
Private Screening
Locked Up, Locked In
In the Land of Blood and Honey
Film review - Voyage of Hope (Espoir Voyage)
Film review - The Iron Lady
Film review - Tabu
Film review - Snack Bar
Film review - Off White Lies (Orchim Lerega)
Film review - Night of Silence (Lal Gece)
Film review - Love is in the Air (Magi Luften)
Film review - Night of Silence (Lal Gece)
Film review - Last Call at the Oasis
Film review - Iron Sky
Film review - Childish Games (Dictado)
Film review - Bliss (Glück)
Film review - Bel Ami
Film review - Barbara
Tea Time with Erin Brockovich
The Ever Shrinking Tote Bag
Short Filmmakers Bring Down the House
The Sound of Music
This is not a Children’s Film
Traverse City Film Festival - A Local Hero
Traverse City Film Festival - The Susan and Michael Show
Happy Birthday - Filmfest Hamburg
Happy Birthday to us
Awards at Filmfest Hamburg 2012
Douglas Sirk Award for Life's Work - to Korean director Kim Ki-duk
10 Days of Films
Coaching Boom: Von der Couch zum Coaching
Clothes Don't Make the ... Man
Bollywood, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
KurzFilmFestival Opening Ceremonies
Liam Neeson - Interview
Many Worlds, One Passion
The Director Malik Bendjelloul
Two Sides of the Same Coin: The difference of film representations of competitive dancing
What Sticks in the Mind: Bollywood, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
The Michel Filmfest - Let's Celebrate it's 10th Anniversary
The Michel Filmfest - Children's Films Overcome Obstacles
Off to a Good Start Doesn't Guarantee a Winner
The Difference Timing Can Make
Let the Kurzfilm Festival Begin
Jackie - Film Review
Gnade - Film Review
Beyond the Hills - Film Review
Dance of the Orchids - Soongava - Film Review
Lore - Film Review
Mekong Hotel - Film Review
More than Honey - Film Review
Pieta - Film Review
Searching for Sugar Man - Film Review
This Life - Film Review
Tod eines Mannes auf dem Balkan - Film Review
Subtitles' Subtle Impact
The Making of Kunduz - the Other Side of the Truth
Les Blank's Look at Life through Food and Music
Kunduz - Film Review
Feel-good Flicks
Broken - Film Review
Abaton Rocks

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