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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Balls of Fury

Starts July 10 

Randy Daytona is a child prodigy at table tennis, coached by his ambitious military-type father. During an important game Daytona loses and his father is killed by the notorious Mr. Feng. Nineteen years later an adult Daytona (Dan Fogler) is a fat circus act. Agent Ernie Rodriquez convinces him to participate in a top-secret table tennis championship. This way he can take revenge on his father and serve up Mr. Feng to the CIA. Blind Master Wong agrees to get him back on track, athletically, with the help of his drop-dead beautiful daughter Maggie, although normally he refuses to teach “gweilos” (non-Chinese). Daytona plays against The Hammer and The Dragon and a German stereotype named Karl Wolfschtagg. Mr. Feng turns out to be Christopher Walken, dressed like a customer at Elton John’s garage sale, according to blind Master Wong. There is kung-fu, an unlucky-lucky cricket, gum under the ping pong table, and Def Leppard music. Fogler comes across as a Jack Black clone. The film is to ping pong, uh sorry, to table tennis, what Blades of Glory was to ice skating, namely a not serious spoof on the stupid side, but fun nevertheless.

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