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Pineapple Express (Ananas Express)

Pineapple Express (Ananas Express)  1/2

Starts October 23, 2008

Ananas Express is the name of a new, rare and heavy drug sold only by the dealer Saul (James Franco). One night Dale (Seth Rogen), who was always high, witnessed a murder.

He immediately left the place but forgot to take the pineapple express with him. So it was not difficult for the murderers, a corrupt traffic warden (Rie Perez) and the big dealer (Gary Cole), to identify both him and Saul. They begin to follow them with evil intentions.

This is a comedy that’s funny without any pretensions of being a good film. It is more of a critical description of how drugs affect the users. It is amazing to observe how far away the reactions are from reality when they use drugs. It is good advice to say "No" to drugs and be really happy. The director is David G. Green

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