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American Women's Club of Hamburg

Caos Calmo (Quiet Chaos)

Starts January 29

The book Caos Calmo, by Sandro Verenesi, is successfully adapted by director Nanni Moretti, playing the lead role of business man Pietro Paladini. Most of the action takes place in the wooded Roman square in front of his daughter’s school where he spends his days after the sudden death of his wife. The young Claudia (Blu Yoshimi) feels very insecure and her father’s presence helps her to cope. Business associates and friends come by, confide in him or seek his advice.

The process of mourning is handled very sensitively but also with a good sense of humour, incorporating contemporary music by Paolo Buonvino. When all of Pietro’s incomprehensible calm is suddenly surrendered in a spontaneous, very steamy sex scene (with Isabella Ferrari) it almost comes as a shock.

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