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American Women's Club of Hamburg

In the Shadow of the Moon

Starts January 29

The British filmmaker, David Sington takes a collection from the American history annals for his award winning documentary In the Shadow of the Moon. Sington’s stirring account incorporates the United States’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Apollo program, its archive film footage and recent interviews with nine astronauts who walked on the moon. Sington’s “right stuff” explores the trials and triumphs encountered by these select few who would have been fighting in Vietnam had they not been chosen to serve in their nations revered space program.

Sington allows the astronauts to reminisce of their participation in the Apollo program and its life changing impact. Charlie Duke comments on Neil Armstrong’s statement that he made to the world when he stepped onto the Moon and said, “One small step for man …one giant leap for mankind.” Charlie recalls, “It was like Neil, but deeper than I thought that he would come up with. He was very controlled and those words were very appropriate and perfect. I’d have been jumping up and down yelling, Yahoo! Hey man, I’m here!”

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