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The Life and the Day of the Golden Cuvac

05:16 Ah, the birds are singing in the trees.

05:48 tap tap tap, she is still sleeping, back to bed.

06:43 tap tap tap Oh come on! When is that stupid alarm clock gonna ring...

goldencuvac_0106:45 FINALLY, and boy is she slow getting out of bed… washes the face, brushes the teeth then gets dressed… Why do humans have so much to do? I’m hungry!

07:03 Quick, I need to go out, perhaps something’s up in the garden... Nothing? Oh well, better re-mark my territory.

07:08 Oh, what did she give me this time? Anifit’s Schäfer’s Pfanne, Thanksgiving Day or Falscher Hase? Oh, looks likes Schäfer’s Pfanne today. That’s takes three minutes to eat, now what?

07:22 Adrian is dressed and has eaten. Looks like a beautiful day. Yipes, helmet, Schulranzen and bicycle and he’s off to school.

07:49 And now we’re off! First enemy: Charlie, the Jack Russell … he’s still sleeping… next enemy: Boris, the black cat, was out all night again, Oh, but wait, here’s Percy, that little West Highlander. He’s always trying to get me in trouble. Just ‘cuz he’s little doesn’t mean he can’t fight. Look at his teeth small and sharp, but somehow I always get the blame.

goldencuvac_0208:23 Right! Right! Sit, quiet, good dog, here we go again… well at least I get the goodie… Oh, love the dog park but nobody’s here yet. Man, we are always too early. Throw me a stick or something…what happened to give a dog a bone? At least there are some pigeons and ducks to chase… No ducks, why not… Brood season, what the heck is she telling me now. Boy, am I exhausted. I think I need to sleep.

09:45 Where is she going now? What do you mean, “watch the house!”? Okay, Princess the white rabbit is defenseless against Boris, but still? And what do you mean, “down from the windowsill!”? I can see you better from here when you leave me.

12:45 Time for lunch and she’s still not back… Oh here she comes. I love my windowsill. Schäfer Pfanne again…direct out of a can. How unoriginal, but at least it’s fresh.

13:35 All right here we go, the big walk right into the Alster. I love this place. There are plenty of dogs for playing… or fighting. Look there: Chip, the Bernese Mountain Dog, we usually have a good time, oh and Tara, the Lab, she’s a bit weird. She loves eating dog shit. I have no idea why she does that. Oh, man and there are those two Great Danes, I’m scared of them… They’re BIG… And my favorite the slime bog. Hallelujah, I am now a stinking black mess. I love that. Oops, hmm, she doesn’t look too happy! Oh great! Looks like we have to go…

14:48 Why isn’t she taking off the leash? I hate taking a bath. Doesn’t she know the Sovenski Kuvaz has a self-cleaning fur? I guess she can’t wait and who wants a clean house anyway. It smells much better á la natural… At least the water is cold.

goldencuvac_0315:18 Boy am I tired, and the day isn’t even over yet. What - have to check out the garden again? I love to bark, that always ticks off the cello player in the back and look! There is Marta, the Golden Lab mix. She wants to play. BARK! BARK! Where is Shelly? She has to let her come and play with me. Oh there she is. I love it when Marta comes and plays, we always get extra goodies and her owners don’t even miss her, so she can stay hours at a time.

16:15 Time to eat and look, Adrian is back. He gets the best food fresh chicken with carrots. Wow, humans are so lucky. And he wasn’t supposed to play “hide and go seek” with me. Cool, better act like I didn’t see him hiding in the closet…wait a minute, he isn’t there... Hmmm is he in the bathroom?…Ah hah…he’s in the basement!! Man, am I pooped…

21:45 Last walk of the evening. This is my favorite time to wind down. Just have to make sure I protect my mis- tress. Oh yeah, pull out that little black bag. I just don’t get why she has to clean it up all the time. The other humans just leave it so we can smell it and my favorite is when someone steps in it and I can enjoy the smell for several blocks at a time. But she gets these little black bags free from the Recycling-Hof and she has thousands of them so she better use them, I guess.

22:23 tap tap tap, back into bed….aaah, chasing pigeons, mmmmm....

Originally published in the May/June 2010 issue of Currents, Vol.XXVI No. 3 "Daily Routine"

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