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If It Moves Like a Dolphin: Swimming for All Ages

Sue Legahn gives information about the Delphin swimming school. Originally published in Currents February/March 2005.
Each week 2500 children and adults show up for lessons at the Delphin swimming school (Schwimmschule DELPHIN). Babies as young as eight weeks experience the water. By the time they are two to three years old, they take their first “steps” in the pool without mommy or daddy. By three to four they are safe and apt swimmers. They continue to learn basic strokes and water safety as well as practice balance and movement on up to competitive swimming.

Delphin offers courses for all ages at different levels of aptitude and training. Both men and women profit from the special qualities of water, such as buoyancy, resistance and pressure. Some do a proper workout to achieve a higher level of fitness and strength; others practice therapeutically for postoperative deficiencies, back/joint problems or weight problems. Everyone enjoys the intimacy of a private pool and relaxing in the warm water (32º).

Uwe Legahn founded Delphin in 1977, and the school has grown from teaching four to five classes a week in various hotel pools to running five of its own pools in and around Hamburg. All instructors must have top credentials. In 1992 Delphin joined the National Swim School Association, United States Water Fitness Association and World Aquatic Babies Conference as the only German swimming school member then and even today. It is a founding member of the German Swim School Association (Bundesverband für AquaPädagogik or BvAP). Instructors of baby swimming, learn-to-swim and aqua fitness programs from all over Germany and parts of Europe are trained at the associated Delphin Akademie für Aquapädagogik.

A swimming instructor for almost 40 years, Mr. Legahn has written a comprehensive book on children’s swimming from young babies to competitive swimmers: a guideline for parents and teachers alike. He is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader in Argentina, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and the U.S.

Contact 01805-12SWIM or fax 792 31 12 or email info@aquacreation.de for schools in Alstertal, Harburg, Hollenstedt, Harsefeld, Asendorf and Ochtmannsbruch.

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