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New Children's Library in Hamburg

Vicki F-M talks about the new Kinderbibliotek (Children’s Library) on Grindelberg 62. Originally published in Currents, August/September 2005.

In March 2004, a unique library opened in Hamburg – just for kids! Every library in Hamburg has a children’s section of course, but the Kinderbibliotek (Children’s Library) on Grindelberg 62 is exclusively for children. There is a Spielecke (play area) and a Kuschelecke (cuddle corner) for your lap child with activity books for babies and touch-feel toys for the small ones. It is centrally located in the Grindel area of town, on the ground floor of one of the high-rise towers that you have certainly seen if you have gone to the Grindel Kino to see a film in English. The Bezirksamt Eimsbüttel is also near the Kinderbibliotek, with the famous paternoster elevators. At the time of Currents printing they had not published their new program, which starts in September, but you can find it online. When the Hamburg school vacation ends, there will be an afternoon storytelling time on Thursdays from 16:00-16:45 for 4 to 12 year olds. They also plan to continue a Bilderbuch Kino (picture book film program) for toddlers and pre-schoolers once a month. I did not really grasp the concept of this, but I am taking my twin three-year-olds in September because I did understand enough for it to sound like fun for all of us!

Are you having trouble getting your little one to speak English because Papa always speaks German? Starting in September, the Kinderbibliotek will offer a new program called “Little Learners English Club”, a free program for 3 to 6 year olds. You don’t even have to register for it, just show up. Look online for more information. Another unique program will be “Spielen mit allen Sinnen” (playing with all the senses) for pre-school- aged children. You can, of course, just check out books, videos, DVDs, CDs or music cassettes. All you need is your passport and your Meldebestätigung that also includes your child as being registered in Hamburg. You pay three euros a year, and your child gets a Lesekarte (library card) and can immediately check out any item. See you there!

Kinderbibliotek, Grindelberg 62, tel 420 6793, www.buecherhallen.de/kinder/kibi, open Tue and Wed 14:00-18:00, Thu and Fri 14:00-17:00, and Sat 10:00-13:00.

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