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Creating a Painting: "Love"


"Love", oil and acrylic

Born under the lovely roses, the sun and the snow of Bulgaria I fell in love with this world. Ever since living
in many countries and working in different research laboratories, I was always as much in need of beauty
as I was of air and water.

In 1995 I “jumped over” the ocean and moved to the USA and made many friends. Finally, at 36, my destiny
sent me harmony and love. In 1996 I met my German husband with blue eyes, in which I was lost - so large,
they took me far way - and just opened my heart.

During the years of adjusting to Germany I always had to fight with the “chemistry” of life for energy and
harmony. Scientific research, maternity, family, my own personality and the new environment – all these
things had to be synthesized into one thing in order to bring peace to my soul. This one thing for me is to
create and give love!

To adjust to Germany you need magic, just like a chemist, or a painter, or a happy person. Painting became
part of my adjusting to Germany. I painted the picture “Love” in 2007 as a present for my husband Manfred
on Father’s Day 2007. The photo of a silhouette inspired my fantasy to create this loving picture of me with
my husband. I painted different varieties to the theme but this is the one I like the best. You are the first
ones to see it. Let it warm you and make you smile inside. Be touched by love and harmony as it has us - my
husband and me.

originally published in Currents Apr/May 2008

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