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Letting Your Child Become the Photographer

While I was doing my five weeks of Rehab, Erika became fascinated with the notion of getting a children’s digital camera from Santa for Christmas. I looked into it and, of course, the jolly man in the red suit didn’t disappoint her on Christmas Eve.

She received her coveted digital camera. Frito and I thought, “Wow! This will be great for her imagination and will give her something interesting to keep her busy!”

Little did we know that to a threeyear- old, every single detail is the opportunity for a fantastic photo! We were subjected to six-in-the-morning photos, our bedroom suddenly invaded with a loud, “Smile Mommy and Daddy!”

The honeymoon period for the new toy was quickly over for the parents but the child fell in love with it, even subjecting our poor dog to safari-like followings. Steve Erwin would have been proud, as I almost expected Erika to break out a fake Aussie accent and give us minute-by-minute recounts of what Trille was up to.

Even though we were less than thrilled to be subjects to this unusual form of torture, we gritted our teeth, contrived a smile, and went along with it. It brought such joy to Erika to be able to be the one behind the camera for a change, to be able to show us her world through her eyes and a camera.

If you want to know what the world looks like from someone roughly two feet tall, give your child a camera and let it run wild. You’ll be surprised with the beautiful mementos you are left with!

originally published in Currents Apr/May 2008

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