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Christos & K-
Osterstrasse 2/Ecke Bismarkstrasse
Tel 4309 2657

When my husband raved about having found an authentic Greek ouzerie in Hamburg I couldn’t wait to try it. I love Greek food but cannot stomach anything remotely smacking of the typical Hellas-décor that some Greeks think we foreigners like and or expect.

What relief to walk in an see soothing ecru walls with dark wooden chairs with some gilt edged mirrors in the darker recesses. Then came the menu while clearly drafted for non-Greeks it was possible to order small dishes a la Grec.

The offerings were limited to old standbys (patates, melantzanosalata, taramosalata, horta, keftedakia, etc) but delicious. Unfortunately, when the cook did not hint at any daily specials he could whip up my expectations crashed. I could write this up to the fact I was there with two Germans but one of them spoke such fluent Greek that the proprietor stared in disbelief. He indicated that the menu reflects patron’s preferences. Maybe it is time to introduce some snazzier dishes again?

Food 5 - Décor 5 - Atmosphere 6

Nat-Fine Bio Food
Heuberg 1
Tel 35718027

At this green and white “moog milk bar”, without the violence of Clockwork Orange, family-friendly staff and a limited but seasonal menu offer a much needed alternative. Their selling point is not the kind of restaurant in terms of cuisine but that all ingredients are “bio” .

With its healthy meals, lighting and space HH can now lay claim to the first bio refectory. While the atmosphere can be a bit on the bland side, (could it be all that light?) this is one eatery where you don’t have to worry about a children’s menu heavy on sugared fats.

Grown ups can choose from steak and veggies, standard pasta dishes or chicken fricassee where all the peas and carrots are visible and crunchy.

While I would not recommend it for a date or night on the town, it certainly ranks high on our list for family dinners any day of the week.

Food 5 - Decor 6 - Atmosphere 5

originally published in Currents June/July 2008

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