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My Job? Well, I am the Boss!

Here is the short list of the jobs I have had since 1996. Why 1996? That was the year I became a mom.
tracyBoss - ask my kids, they’ll tell you. I am the boss. Papi is the boss when I am not at home.

Taxi driver - fortunately this stops when they turn 18.

Doctor /Surgeon - oh, the scraped knees I have bandaged and the countless meds I’ve administered.

Lawyer - although I wind up representing both sides.

Coroner - for pets, not the kids! This is one of those times when “white lies” we are okay.

Politician - hey, democracy works in our household.

Coach - mentally preparing your kids for their big competition is not an easy job for either one of us.

Banker - who do you think keeps track of who got how much allowance when she was 10?

Teacher - homework???? Why does it feel like I am going to school for the second and third time?

Chef - I like to think I am a chef, but when making hot dogs with macaroni and cheese (for the fortieth time…) I feel more like a short-order cook.

Laundress - although this is my favorite household chore, I do get tired of turning all those socks right side out. And just how do you hang thong underwear anyway?

Dishwasher - I guess it is better than washing up by hand. I have to admit, though, that this was the first job I taught my girls to do.

Maid - just write this on my tombstone: I cleaned up after EVERYONE, EVERYDAY.

Bather - geez, was I glad when they began to shower on their own!

Personal dresser - after age three they’re on their own.

Personal shopper - I don’t think this job ever ends, at least while I’m the one with the credit card.

Singer - either to make them laugh or put them to sleep…mostly mine are just embarrassed.

Artist - who knew learning to draw stick figures would come in handy one day?

Diaper changer - I changed theirs…one day they’ll have to change mine.

Seamstress - I can’t recall just how many Halloween costumes I have made.

Cheerleader - for the times they’re having fun instead of worrying about winning.

Dictionary - I’ve learned the phrase “That’s one of those words that is hard to explain…go look it up.”

Counselor - for the times when they just need a hug and words of advice from mom. On my Facebook page I have written that my occupation is the CEO and CFO of a mid-sized family business. And I have the experience to prove it!

I feel fortunate that I can stay home and be a full-time mom, but that doesn’t mean I only stay home and take care of my kids and do housework. As other women feel they need to work outside the home to realize their full potential (in German this is called Selbsverwirklichung and is used almost as much if not more than the words Guten Tag), I am able to do just that by working within the AWCH, teaching and tutoring English and working in our town’s kindergarten a few hours each week. I also happen to be the go-to mom for class field-trip chaperoning and being there for my girls when they need me the most: after school.

If really pushed to describe what I do day in and day out, it is this: I am doing my best to raise my girls and run our family so they grow up to be confident and self-assured women who feel they can accomplish whatever they want to do: business woman, hairdresser, event planner, mother, rodeo cowgirl, president, dentist…and the list goes on and on. If I succeed, I’ve done my job.

Originally published in the May/June 2010 issue of Currents, Vol.XXVI No. 3 "Daily Routine"

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